The least known dating website because of its lack of aggressive advertisement. Pilipinalove presents itself as free dating, friendship, and social discovery site that doesn’t charge people for their personal contact information. The brand exists since 2010 and effectively functions ever since. However, it’s not that much-discussed anywhere, and we wonder why.

We tried to investigate whether it harms such free websites or preserves the specific audience that searches for online dating services that don’t ask for extensive payment for services. We want to put a disclaimer and say that the website seems transparent, and some of the thoughts are based on our ideas on how Pilipinalove can become even better.

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Why PilipinaLove   

Interface 2 of 5

Audience 4 of 5

Prices 4 of 5

Safety 3 of 5

Summary 3.5 of 5

Mostly, the website appears as a legit platform for people to meet and communicate. The main difference from other services is free chatting with people and the possibility to view their profiles. PilipinaLove has various members database, quite easy and straightforward registration, and adequate parameters for searching for people with similar interests and values.

On the other hand, no additional paid services create the possibility to meet scammers. The possibility to pick nicknames rather leaves with a feeling that people who pick this service have something to hide.


Easy and quick registration

Simple, but legit search parameters

Completely free for communication


Free service can be a sweet spot for scammers

Although the moderation and website support is present, it can be problems with the inability to prove your identity or frauds

PilipinaLove is Best for

  • Lonely hearts in search of love

This website brings all single hearts together. Specifically, Pilipinalove is helping members from all around the globe to meet their perfect partner from the Philippines. Women from the Philippines choose this dating site to communicate and meet men safely and efficiently, without any boundaries. Foremost, people seek openness and easiness in communication without any unnecessary charges.

  • People appreciate friendship as much as they enjoy the love

Although Pilipinalove is a dating website, it does not restrict people from having a good time and meeting a potential friend in the Philippines. Of course, the target audience for using the website is foreigners outside of the Philippines. But it does not discriminate any users from being there as long as they are not involved in frauds.

Therefore, love is not the primary purpose of why men would enjoy spending their time chatting with others there. We appreciate that they look realistic on people’s intentions because friendship is as valuable as love is.

  • Wise and adventurous women best for

On the other hand, when looking for love, men appreciate the wisdom and hardworking nature of women from the Philippines. Women there have rich cultural heritage, diverse worldview, and spirit for adventure. Women from the Philippines enjoy equality, and they will never let their partners down or expect someone for dealing with their business. Therefore, men often seek independent and wise partners from there, with whom they can spend the rest of their lives.

PilipinaLove Pros    

Policies and regulations       

Pilipinalove has strict rules and procedures regarding the information that is given, shared, and stored on the website. We were quite impressed by how Pilipinalove treats spam and fraud activities, which makes us sure it cares for the members of the community. We highly appreciate that Pilipinalove looks after new members.

Besides, it holds newcomers accountable for their actions. For example, new profiles without necessary information are deleted after seven days without changes. You also have to agree with the terms and conditions on which Pilipinalove works for using the website.

Free website with preview

The website is entirely free, and access to some features can be restricted if you have only displayed any inappropriate behavior or breaking the terms and conditions. Otherwise, you can communicate with whoever you want as you have introduced yourself to their profile.

Some of the top profiles you can look even before registration, making an informed decision, whether you wish to continue using this website. Also, the site displays who is currently online and has zero tolerance on deceiving practices on the platform.

Free of advertisements

Pilipinalove is not interested in promoting any third-party websites or something that may be a scam. We believe that the best advantage of the site is them keeping up with their rules.

PilipinaLove Cons

Users are allowed to use nicknames

Some members appear to use their nicknames and other deceiving names, which may put under the question the transparency of some profiles. We understand that Pilipinalove monitors each member of their service. It does not guarantee that some people can be frauds or spammers, and their actions can harm someone before moderators put their profiles down. That’s why we always recommend never to advance your conversations with people into other social platforms and give them sensitive information.

Outdated interface

We are used to high-quality interfaces, especially when UI design plays a significant role in user experience overall. Pilipinalove is simplistic and a bit outdated, it looks like the website from the beginning of the time, when you had to wait for the dial tone to connect to the internet. We don’t consider it as the defining disadvantage though. It just makes it a bit harder to take it seriously.

PilipinaLove Feedbacks 

Rosa and Justin

At first, I was registering on the website just for fun. I wasn’t expecting something serious and long-lasting, to be honest. I wanted to chat with new people and meet someone local before going to the Philippines. I found Rosa after chatting with several girls, and there was just something about her that we kept speaking for such a long time, even after my trip and meeting her. She is a real treasure.

Bea and Wayne

Bea wasn’t responding too quickly to my messages, and for one moment, I was too cautious that something is wrong. It turned out, and she was cautious of me, too, for the first moment. We are thinking about getting married, and I feel really lucky. feedbacks

PilipinaLove Pricing in 2019 

The website is entirely fee-free, and you don’t need to pay anything for using chats or messages.

Therefore, there are no refund options and payments methods.

How PilipinaLove works 

It is quite easy to get on the website and start your search right off. All you have to do is to provide the relevant email, so you always can get access to your profile and moderators can reach you. Never use email addresses that don’t belong to you. Just provide everything you feel is worthy of knowing about you. Don’t miss a single part of the required information or you will be banned from the website.

Then start your search by setting the preferences and interests that will lead you to the love of your life. Don’t lie about your values. Otherwise, the search will be a waste of time.


The registration is available on the home page of Pilipinalove. At first, you will see only obligatory forms of email, password, and captcha. Then you will have to read Terms and Conditions and continue your registration process. You will get a confirmation email after this step is over.

You can set your information and preferences after confirming the email. Then it is a matter of time before you meet new people.


The search is not that bad in comparison with more advanced dating websites. The main focus of the service is the values that you can share with your partner. It has an interesting question of having children, and whether you want children, so you can state your intentions beforehand. All other information is a standard set of something you have to know and something you search in other people.


There is a system of instant messages you can send to people after reading their profiles. No additional forms or applications, credits or subscriptions. As we mentioned before, Pilipinalove doesn’t require any payment for starting to use it for communication.

That’s what makes the website so appealing for using, although many users got used to a paid system that somehow can guarantee that they are subscribing for better services. This system is a bit confusing for many, who may be afraid of being scammed.

You can first send a sticker to the person and then look at how they react. Or you can start the conversation with an interesting question. It is up to you. Just remember to be polite and respect others time and boundaries.

Dating Rules

Never pressure people into liking you from your first message. It is an unwritten rule of human interaction. Neither do women expect men to be enamored with them right away. Just relax and have fun.

We highly recommend not to share any sensitive and personal information with people whom you barely know. If you feel that the person tries to fish some information from you that you don’t want to share, better report them than trust without hesitation. The same goes to you – don’t try to ask every question imaginable, stay in the boundaries of politeness and respect for your partner. 

Girls’ Profiles  

pilipinalove profiles

Women profiles on Pilipinalove look like legit and real profiles of women who are looking for partners or friends. They usually have one profile picture, name, age, and gender in which they are interested. We noticed that every picture is far from scam perfect pictures, and they are real people with zero Photoshop on their images. This aspect gains a trust point.

The profile shows the town of residence and women’s intention for being on this website. For instance, all profiles show what women expect, either they seek a serious relationship or others.

The profile has all the essential information of the person, from height to zodiac sign. Then you can look for some custom search parameters, smoking or drinking preferences, living situation, education, and occupation. The profile shows the count of views, user’s ID, and active status of the member. We also found it very nice that there are women of all ages registered on the service. It makes it possible for anyone to find their love interest or friend.

You can interact with profiles and members-only when being signed in. You cannot communicate with members in any other way.

Our Verdict

Pilipinalove is legit and one hundred percent free dating website for people who are looking for new friends and long-term relationships. We emphasize that it is perfect that the site is stated as social network foremost. It is secure but not encrypted, so be careful with the information you are sharing with your partner.

The website is not accessible due to lack of any promotions and advertisements. As a significant advantage, we find that PilipinaLove also doesn’t focus on throwing unwanted publicity into you. It is a strong average dating website, where moderation is present but maybe a bit too slow.