Japanese Dating Websites in 2019

It is a widely known fact that unlike other people
around the world, Japanese tend not to communicate their emotions directly through words. Rather, they like to observe each other’s facial expressions and body language. This is probably one of the major reason why Japanese dating culture doesn’t incorporate online dating. Majority of the population still finds it more appropriate to meet their potential partners through traditional ways such as at school, through mutual friends, or work etc.

japanese dating sites

Japanese Dating Culture

This social stigma attached to Japanese dating culture is what limits the growth of online dating in Japan. However, even if slow, growth is still quite evident. Their online dating websites may be small as compared to those of Philippines or Thailand, but there are a couple of dating sites having quite a decent number of members making them worthwhile.

Two best Japanese dating sites

1. Japancupid

Cupid Media owns around 35 niche online dating websites around the world, Jaoan cupid being one of them. This is the leading dating website in Japan with around 700,000 members, according to the website. The primary purpose of this site is to help Japanese singles find their match but in reality there is a lot of diversity seen in its member database. Whether you’re looking for marriage, romance, or simply a pen pal, this site is where you find them in Japan.

It is free to join with a fast and easy sign-up process. You can sign-up with Facebook or with email, depending upon your preference. It also has an app version of the website which is available for free download on Google Play Store.

Japancupid Pros

  • They welcome non-Japanese members as
  • well;
  • Even the free members of this website are allowed to receive messages and correspond to free as well as paying members;
  • This website allows you to use a number of different languages and if you have paid to be a premium member, you will be given the option of using an internal translator.

Japancupid Cons

  • The special chat and video chat features are only for the users who have acquired premium membership;
  • Users can have the opportunity of sharing their interests and hobbies if they have paid and acquired premium membership;
  • Their app is not available for IOS devices.

2. Tinder Japan

Tinder Japan

Just like rest of the world, Tinder has made it’s way to Japan as well. Tinder in Japan works the same way as it does around the world; swipe effortlessly – to the right to show interest in a photo you like or left to pass. Just like around the world, Tinder Japan also yields a great number of matches. However, when two members show interest in each other, only then are they able to have a conversation. It is also important to know that users on Tinder Japan are mostly looking for casual relationships so it is hard to find people interested in long-term commitment.

Tinder Japan Pros

  • Unlike some other Japanese dating apps, Tinder Japan does not require you to understand Japanese;
  • It yields a huge number of matches for you to choose from.
  • Nobody can instigate a conversation until and unless both the parties are interested.

Tinder Japan Cons

  • Despite the success of Tinder Japan that has been reported, it is believed that the matches are very difficult to convert into real dates;
  • When a user shows interest in another, it is based merely on the attractiveness of their profile photo. No other details are shown, which makes it hard to find your match.

3. DateinAsia

DateinAsia screen

This website has gained quite some fame for itself in the Asian World, as well as with westerners. Majority of the member database is made with Asian members. However, it has not set any limitations on the ethnicity and nationality of members joining in. It is quite simple to join with a quick and easy sign-up. Similarly, it’s easy by simply deleting profiles. Unlike other dating apps around the world, no paid version of this website exists, which makes all of its features available to everyone. Even then it is considered by many as the last resort for Japanese dating options because it has a reputation of being filled with people who are only looking to scam other people. Although, they say that DateinAsia has now addressed this issue and majority of the profiles are now genuine, but its seems difficult to break the old repute and build a new one.

DateinAsia Pros

  • It is free for all users;
  • As the name suggests, it allows you to meet people from all around the Asia as well as a lot of users from USA and Philippines;
  • It is a very basic website with really basic features but well organized.

DateinAsia Cons

  • There are a lot of advertisements on the website;
  • The website has restricted people from some countries from joining in, including some Asian countries too;
  • The website only supports one language i.e. English;
  • Since it’s free, it has a lot of inactive profiles and spams waiting to con the legitimate members as soon as they show interest;
  • It also has a lot of fake accounts where men are pretending to be women because moderation is very difficult and limited on this easily accessible website.

How to avoid scam with Japanese Dating Websites in 2019?

Dating is difficult and that’s a universally accepted fact. However, what can be even more nerve-wracking is the experience where you put yourself out there on one of these online dating websites because essentially, you become subject to the judgement of all members, especially the ones living nearby. Then there are always the odds of connecting or meeting with someone who is a cheater, a psychopath, or just generally weird. Many people are also seen to be selling stuff on this dating sites which is obviously such a waste of time for others who are genuinely looking to date.

Therefore, should you consider signing up for any of these websites, remember to read the profiles of the members carefully. Fake profiles are very common but also easy to identify; just keep an eye out for profiles with only one picture or ones having very suggestive pose. It is important to steer clear of any profile that seems fake and refuse to give out any money to anyone until and unless you’re sure of them being genuine.

Are Japanese women worth all this

As beautiful as Japanese women are, they are also very comfortable to be in a relationship with. They are satisfied with their daily routines and you will hardly need to make any extra efforts to win over the heart of a Japanese woman. Being appreciated is all they really need, without being fussy about anything. This is partly because Japanese are basically workaholics. Their extremely busy routines allow them no time for hobbies or just general fun, constructing personalities that prefer monotony. For these reasons and many others, Japanese women are considered to be boring by western standards.

Even when it comes to expressing love for each other, the cultural differences play a huge role. Japanese women are not used to having public display of affection. They believe in nonverbal communication and expressing through subtle signs. Difficult as they may be to understand for a foreigner, it can lead to frustration as well as resentment in a Japanese woman.

One of the plus point is, with a Japanese woman, you can always have things your way. They are considered to be very agreeable, which makes them extremely easy to deal with. However, this very fact can put you off if you wish to have a more challenging relationship where you and your partner must work through things together in order to elevate your relationship.

The best characteristic of Japanese women, which is desired by people throughout the world, is their loyalty. In Japan, even talking to another man is considered cheating. That is how strict they are on their monogamy. If they are committed to someone, they will not even dream of cheating.

You are interested, are you?

If you wish to have a beautiful Japanese woman in your life, you must also understand the Japanese dating culture before you even begin using these dating websites. First of all? You need to get out of your head the common misconception that Japanese women love to date western or American men. That’s far from truth. It is not easy to date or marry Japanese women, being foreigners.

One reason is the language barrier; foreigners don’t understand Japanese and Japanese women don’t speak English quite well. Other than that, Japanese women are also not very open to the idea of dating and marrying men outside their race. Therefore, however willing you are to try, keep in mind that dating Japanese women is not easy for foreigners. Nonetheless, there is no harm in trying because you won’t know the odds unless you put yourself out there. At least being a foreigner gives you something to start a conversation with.

Final Word

Don’t stress yourself anymore looking for best Japanese
dating sites. You can have a look at the above mentioned sites ranking and pick one to meet your dream partner.