Filipino Dating Websites in 2019

The Philippines is a beautiful country with 7,107 islands. It is located in South East Asia surrounded by beautiful coastal lines. The country has a history of invasions from different countries such as Spain, America, and Japan. Also, due to its proximity, China and Malay have also left remarkable influence in the lives of Filipinos. The influence of these countries is not only seen in the culture but also in the physical attribute.

Filipino Dating Websites

One can say, the Filipinos captured the best of each world. In general, Filipinos are brown-skinned, medium height with round eyes and flat noses from the Malay influence. Whilst others have a mixture of different races which is commonly called as mestizos or mestizas. You will chance upon Filipina with fair skins and pointed nose or some with almond eyes. Neither way, once a Filipina will always be a Filipina. They have this certain aura and way of talking or behaving that is inherently Filipina. Walking around the Philippines, you will find the ethnic beauty exotic and mesmerizing. The Philippines is home to the most beautiful women in the world as seen on the numerous beauty contest bagged by Filipina beauties.

Are Filipina Women Good For Dating And Marrying?

Filipino women are good for marrying

Filipinas are worth dating or marrying. That is a fact. Here are some traits that are uniquely Filipina:

Filipinas are family-centric, a Filipino trait where they value their families first and foremost. In the Philippines, once you marry a Filipina, you don’t marry just one person but the entire clan. They value their family’s opinion a lot. So it is important that you give a good impression not just to her but her family. Expect to meet everyone in her family. And when we say everyone, we say EVERYONE. This includes her parents, siblings, titos and titas (equivalent to aunts and uncles), cousins, grandparents and even perhaps their close neighbors. Once you gain their trust though, you will be treated like a king in every gathering. You will also be included in their list for Christmas gift-giving and even in their balikbayan boxes. As such, you need to also bring “pasalubong” every time you visit her and her family.

Other than their family, Filipinas also value religion being embedded in the culture of the Filipinos. You might find your Sunday date to start with a mass in a church or prayer meeting. Even if you are not Christian, you will still be expected to respect the practice she has grown up with. After the mass, giving mano to your elders is a must. This is a form of respect to the elders. Be sure to educate yourself with these small gestures that Filipino value most or are used to. Especially since there are some gestures peculiar to other countries that might result in misunderstanding. Not because she pursed her lips, she wanted a kiss. She might actually be pointing to something else. Don’t assume, educate yourself.

Filipino family

Like most other Asian countries, Filipinas are taught in their early years how to do household chores from cooking even to fixing things within the house. This means you will never run out of food when you are on a date. In gatherings such as fiesta, birthday or Christmas, there is a bounty on the table. Do not be shocked when her parents or tita start asking you to eat each and every food on the table. They would even balot some food for you. That is Filipino hospitality. Also, you might want to start practicing your singing prowess in the shower as Filipinas are known for their love of karaoke.

Beyond being reliable, Filipinas are known to be loyal, generous, caring and romantic. They are not hard to please so small gestures such as flowers, food or small things will win you brownie points. They don’t need expensive items but small romantic gestures like checking their whereabouts or if they have eaten will boost their trust in you. Be wary though as Filipinas quite sensitive especially in celebrating important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and even monthsarries. Be sensitive when they make “tampo,” all you have to do is make “suyo.” This is the courting stage most popular in the Philippines and showcases the “hard to get” attitude of some Filipinas.

One thing that you have to take note though as part of the Philippine culture, they value respect and patience. They are still in essence conservative, so do not expect too much on the first date especially on the physical aspect. At the end of the first date, do not expect to bed her as you are lucky enough if she allows a goodnight kiss. Instead, showcase your chivalry side. Open up that door for her or offer a seat as this makes their heart flutter. Also, take note that on dates, it is usually the guy who pays for the bill. Once you have successfully captured their heart, you have a whole package in one.

The best thing is as long as you speak English, the language barrier will not be an issue. Everyone can speak English in this country.

This explains the increase in cross-cultural relationships or marriages in the country. If you are foreigner looking for a Filipina partner, don’t start packing your bags to go searching in the Philippines. Checking some of the popular dating sites in the Philippines would allow you to meet them first before you start hopping on the next plane.

Three of the top dating sites in the Philippines in 2019


 FilipinoCupid Screenshot

This is the dating site of all Filipinos, started back in 2001. If you are looking to date a Filipina, this would be the best site to look for one. The website is legitimate and brags about its 3.5 million members, thus giving you a high chance of finding the love of your life compared to other sites with low membership.

How to protect yourself from scam on

FilipinoCupid,com offers free and paid service. For your own protection, check their accounts thoroughly for any suspicious details. Since free subscribers don’t get to interact with the rest of the members, be wary in giving away your personal details such as email and phone number. More importantly, never wire any money to anyone in the dating site. This is a surefire sign that they are not in for love but money. Pros

  • They have free and paid service. Depending on your reason, you can choose the free service just to browse the site;
  • Their unique feature includes video/audio chat. With this feature, you can guarantee that you are not speaking to a fraudster;
  • For their paid services, you can choose from standard, gold or premium depending on your budget and the feature that is important to you. Cons

  • The additional feature is only available for premium members which can be quite expensive, The free membership does not include this feature.

2. (also known as

CherryBlossoms Screenshot

The longest-running website in the dating scene since 1995. For people who are trying to find their partner for life, they have a long list of testimonies from couples who made it happen through the website. Additionally, they have a higher ratio for female members versus male members. Thus, male members have a lot of options to choose from.

How to protect yourself from scam on

As their free service allows them to message other members, be cautious in sharing personal information like your address, phone number, and email prior to having a face to face conversation. Pros

  • They have a proven track record of successful couples who met via their website.
  • Unlike other sites, the pictures uploaded in Blossoms are linked to Tineye. It has the ability to browse the internet to check the authenticity of the picture. This minimizes the chances of getting fraudulent accounts.
  • Blossom has a feature where you can block members if found suspicious. Cons

  • They only have 2 options for subscription: Free and Full service.


Pinalove screenshot

The website has over 1,1095,193 members. They also claim that 500+ additional members join on a daily basis. The great thing with this site is it shows how many Filipina members are active at any particular time, thus, increasing the chances of meeting someone at any particular time.

How to protect yourself from scam on

As their free service allows them to message other members, be cautious in believing what is written in their messages. Google now has the capacity to check if the e-mail sent was copied somewhere else. To avoid fraudsters, if their message is too cheesy or perfect, try to run it via Copyscape or google. Stick to the paid subscription. Check their picture in Tineye to verify their identity. Pros

  • Visibility of Filipina females who are online at any specific time. No matter what the time is, you can check who you want to talk to.
  • Great for casual dating
  • You can initiate or receive contacts from Filipina even when you are on a free subscription. Cons

  • They only have 2 options for subscription: Free and Paid
  • Not the best choice if you are looking for a partner for life or wife.