If you are looking for a quality online Asian dating and matchmaking site, eHarmony is certainly a great choice when it comes to finding steady relationships. While the site is not recommended for individuals looking for casual hookups, it’s Asian dating section will surely help you get to know Asian women

Finding love is the purpose of many people’s lives regardless of age, gender, religion, location, and lifestyle. In the modern world, however, digitalization led to the lack of intimate connection, and many people looking for a lifetime relationship lose their hope. eHarmony is one of the most popular dating websites in the world.

Thanks to eHarmony, approximately 550 couples get married every day. It developed from the idea of the clinical and counseling psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Warren believed that the perfect path to love is the one that is designed by a person. After starting his project in 1997, he became highly successful in determining the essential features that help people find each other.

Why eHarmony

eHarmony is very different from many other typical dating sites because it emphasizes two priorities: science and commitment. It uses a great strategy that relies on the individuality of the person and matches it with other people’s profiles based on 29 personality dimensions. eHarmony is excellent because it has an approximately equal number of individuals of both genders.

It is also suitable for people who are financially and emotionally secure. The registration process is longer than at other websites. Besides, many features are not available if a person is not using a paid account. So, most people there are usually invested in finding the “perfect one.” These aspects increase the reliability of eHarmony.

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eHarmony is Best for

The website helps men to achieve the goal of finding the best match possible depending on their goals and interests.

eHarmony is an attractive option for those who are interested in the following:

1. Finding a longlasting relationship.

Most people will find it highly satisfying to know that most people who are present at the website opt for marriage or at least continuous courtship.

2. Being emotionally engaged with a person.

When people use the Internet, especially such marriage-oriented websites, they disclose diverse and intimate information about their personalities and discover each other.

3. Having a set of priorities and features that are the most important.

It is a fabulous opportunity to learn about people based on their hobbies, interests, and preferences. If you want to engage in lasting relations, you will admire the system that proposes you different people with specific personality features.

4. Relying on a scientificallybased approach.

And surely, no one likes being uncertain about the system that makes matches. Thankfully, the evidence shows that this service’s approach is scientific.

5. Feeling secure and confident.

Dating websites may be tricky. That’s why I like eHarmony so much. Because most plans are paid, you have a higher reliability level at this website.

eHarmony Pros

eHarmony has many advantages that distinguish it from other dating websites.

It is very aim-oriented

The most significant aspect that makes it unique is the presence of the people who want to find the one person with whom they will spend many years together. Because of this, eHarmony also proposes continuing the premium subscription if it has not helped you in the previous months.

Strict and reliable system of matchmaking

It is secure and wellworking, with many couples sharing their stories. eHarmony also offers different service types depending on the intentions, needs, and timeframe, so its services are quite flexible.

Phone support

eHarmony’s subscription even offers phone support with establishing comfortable contact and securing a successful relationship. If you’re unsure regarding your skills of flirting or if you don’t get some social clues, the professionals are ready to assist in any case.

Members from all around the world

It has members in 50 U.S. states and more than 200 countries internationally. eHarmony allows people to meet individuals from other cultures or ask someone out to the closest cafe in the same city.

It has an app

This feature allows browsing through the personal profiles and chatting wherever you go, and you don’t have to stick to one device only.

eHarmony Cons

Regardless, eHarmony also has some flaws which you should consider before registering.

Limited browsing possibilities

It offers a limited set of possibilities that make it harder for people to browse different profiles. The focus on the service remains on the people who have the highest matching rates. And even if you are interested in someone, it may be possible that they will choose someone with a higher level of compatibility.

Free opportunities are also limited

You cannot chat with people only watch their profiles (without photos) and ask them automatically-generated questions that they may answer. It is not the most excellent option for those who do not want to spend money on dating websites.


Subscription plans offer only long-term options with six, twelve, and twenty-four months packages. The necessity to fill all the questionnaires may distract some people and demotivate them because of the need to give so much effort to find the perfect match.

eHarmony Feedbacks

Here are some of the reviews from eHarmony happy users.

Audrey, 29

When I registered on eHarmony, I didn’t have anything in mind. I was going through a severe personal issue and felt that I needed stability and serious relations to bring me back to life. Then, I met Chad. Our communication was slow and careful, but the weeks passed, and I couldn’t sleep without a phone near me if I knew that he would write.

Chris, 36

I met Bonnie on eHarmony when I most needed it. If I had to wait longer, I would probably get depressed. But Bonnie healed me, and we are happily married with one daughter.

John, 48

With eHarmony’s matches, I found my wife after a few months, and we live together for five years now.

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How eHarmony Works

The website has simple guidelines about its performance. eHarmony asks the user to provide information about oneself and complete the tests that will help the system to do its matching job. After the process is done, a user can view the profiles with descriptions to think about if these people will be suitable for him or her.

After this, a person may choose the subscription plan that is the most ideal. Through messaging and sending the winks, a person communicates with others, sharing thoughts and feelings and getting comfortable with the website.

eHarmony: how to sign up


Registration on eHarmony is simple, yet it requires more time than on other websites or dating resources. First, you are required to fill the necessary information on your gender and whom you want to find, your country, zip code, and first name. Then, it is necessary to add the email, password, and how you found the website.

After this, the site offers you to fill in the information about yourself, including religious affiliation, race, profession, income, and habits. The next step is providing the website about the preferences regarding your match. Finally, you are required to take the compatibility quiz. Be careful and choose questions wisely. After the questionnaire is completed, you are transferred to your profile.


Searching on the website is simple. The navigation is minimalistic, and so you won’t get lost. The priority for eHarmony is to unite you with the people who have a perfect match with you. After clicking on “Matches,” you can see all the people who are an ideal variant with you.

During our test run, we had 13 matches from the first minute on the website. However, you may also view other people who are not compatible with you at a high level and check out their profiles. Perhaps someone will attract you. Searching is easy, and you may add the profiles of the people you liked to the “favorites” list.

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Messaging on eHarmony requires a paid version, so you won’t be able to start it immediately if you only registered to try it. Still, it is a smart choice: you want to see what are the perfect matches for you, don’t you? We were intrigued. After browsing through the profiles, you may choose the person for messaging. Start with anything that reflects your personality; don’t be shy but also do not start without thinking. Be yourself. The first words usually represent who you are. We are sure that most women will not be easily attracted if you are rude or overly confident.

Always view their profiles before messaging. Even with such a trustful aspect as the level of compatibility, each person is individuality at first place. For those without the paid version, eHarmony has very little to offer, however. You can only send winks and ask questions that the website generates for you. So, if you’re serious, and the profiles you noticed appeal to you, you’d better choose the subscription type.

Dating Rules

The eHarmony does not have specific dating rules. However, we’ve figured a few requirements that are really important if you want to meet your “only one.” So, after your communication reached a certain level, you may ask a girl out. Be polite and invite her to a neutral territory where both of you will be comfortable. Don’t be late, ever. If you’re not sure about what she likes, don’t order anything extraordinary or ask in advance.

eHarmony helps in dating: it has a great blog that discusses all questions that may occur. For example, the relationship advisors at the website suggest asking questions. But stay away from too serious issues – it has to be entertaining. Be positive and respectful – this is important not only for eHarmony users but for all. 

Girls Profiles

The girls’ profiles on the website are diverse and allow knowing them much better than on many other websites. When you choose “matches,” you see mixed results of your matches and also new people on the site. Aside from photos of the girls, the first thing you see is their age and location. In my matching results, all women gave detailed information about themselves.

All photos are real as the managers at eHarmony check your gallery when you register. It’s great to see all the primary information to know about a girl because you know whether the person suits you or not. The girls’ profiles feature occupation, education, religion, and attitudes to different habits. Also, it is vital that you can immediately see if a person wants to have kids and if she likes pets.

We’ve noticed that these factors are crucial. For those interested in physical attributes, the profile features height and ethnicity. Besides, you will see the necessary personal information which will allow starting a dialogue. Just near the photo and above the profile information, you should click “message” if you’re ready to start. If not, choose the “favorites” option, and you won’t lose her.

eHarmony Profiles

Our Verdict

eHarmony is an outstanding service for finding a person for a long sustainable relationship. It is not suitable for people who are not sure about their future, so it’s an important aspect to reflect on. Although the free version is useless, it gives a good insight into what you should expect from the paid program.

With the accurate matching system and professionals helping with advice, it is much more reliable and morally comforting. Its effectiveness was tested, and many people are happy with its services. If you are prepared to invest resources in seeking a person for many years to come, eHarmony is a wise choice.