If you’re looking for a trendy, user-friendly, and highly-rated dating website, CherryBlossoms might be precisely what you need. As the longest-running dating service, it’s got everything a regular modern-day user could ask for. According to the official statistics, in the last four decades, Cherry Blossoms helped 100K men to find their dream girls from Asia and start a family.

With an impressive list of profiles, a stellar reputation, and a decent set of additional services, this website is an obvious choice for a man looking for a girlfriend/wife. For foreign gentlemen, Asian women are both mysterious and desirable, but, most of them simply don’t have the time or the energy to talk to them in real life. Well, that’s where Cherry Blossoms comes in with a helping hand!

Why Cherry Blossoms

With one of the highest reply rates and exclusive features for the members, CherryBlossoms is an excellent place to find an Asian woman (primarily from the Philippines). The services include video calls, face-to-face dates, instant messages, and more). The simple, yet versatile interface makes it very easy to navigate in search for a match. 

Personalized matches (based on your preferences), easy communications with other members, and aid with a visa – that’s what you can expect from this website. Plus, it is highly secure and protected by the most advanced algorithms. True, the site does look a bit outdated, but, again, many users appreciate the straightforward interface.

While most of the guys on Blossoms.com are looking for a serious relationship, you can also start something casual. The majority of the women on this website are in their 20s and dream of moving to a European country or the States/Canada.

CherryBlossoms: dating asian women, review, pros and cons, legit or scam

Cherry Blossoms Review

  • Interface – 4.5/5
  • Audience/Women – 4/5
  • Prices – 4/5
  • Safety – 5/5

Summary: 4.4

Cherry Blossoms offers numerous Asian women profiles (mainly from the Philippines) and features a friendly interface. Statistically, over 60% of the website’s users are active, and most of them are women. In many ways, Blossoms is the best choice for men looking for a serious Asian lady from South East Asia. However, while security is excellent, there are still a lot of scammers on Blossoms.com – so, be extra careful!


  • Simple, straightforward, easy-to-use
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • Impressive list of additional features
  • US-based; can help you with a visa


  • Only desktop version is available (no mobile apps)
  • You’ll need to pay a monthly fee to talk to the girls

Cherry Blossoms is best for

Primarily, this website was created for busy men who don’t have a lot of time to spare on their personal life but still want to find a soulmate. With a stellar reputation and more than four decades on the market, Blossoms is “fine-tuned” to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. We’ll talk more about its pros, cons, profiles, and the registration procedure further down the Cherry Blossoms review.

But right now, let us take a quick look at what CB is best for:

  • Finding a young Asian woman in her 20s looking for a serious relationship
  • Communicating with the girls using translation services, video messages, search, match, and more
  • Men from Northern America – most women on the website prefer to move to the US/Canada
  • 75K active members, 25K visitors per month
  • Women reply rate: 70; overall rate – 68%
  • Blossoms.com screens the female users – citizens of the US and Canada can’t create profiles

Sadly, like all the other dating websites, CherryBlossoms has constant problems with fakes/scammers. So, always be careful and don’t purchase anything/send money unless you’re 100% sure you’re dealing with a real person. Still, for a US-based man looking for an Asian woman, Blossoms is a safe place to start.

Cherry Blossoms Pros

CherryBlossoms review: pros and cons, dating asian women

Simple, straightforward, easy-to-use

With 40+ years of experience on the market, Cherry Blossoms made sure to create one of the most intuitive interfaces for a dating website. Registration, messaging, and scrolling through the profiles can be done in just a couple of clicks. The only serious downside – the site looks quite outdated. The good news is – you can read about the company, familiarize yourself with the terms of use, and read about visa support without even registering. 

Industry-leading Customer Support

Unlike most Asia-focused dating websites, Blossoms isn’t located in Asia. The headquarters are in the States (Hawaii, to be exact): they provide qualified help in English, and the agents are always available. The company also accepts physical mail and postal letters. Furthermore, there’s a “Help” section on the official site with friendly guides and answers to the most common questions.

Impressive list of additional features

When it comes to extra services, Blossoms.com is one of the apparent leaders. Here’s a complete list of the features that you’ll get with it:

  • Live chat
  • Email and video messages
  • Full immigration support (with a 100% money-back guarantee)
  • Ability to send gifts

This is important: as you’ll learn from the Cons section, only subscribed members get access to all these features.

US-Based; can help you with a visa

Full immigration support is one of the biggest reasons to create a profile in CherryBlossoms. If you found your true love and want to bring her to the States/another Western country, Blossoms.com will provide full immigration support. You’ll find useful information about the visa here and here

Or, better yet, get in contact with customer support: they’ll have their Visa Specialist explain everything in plain and simple English (at no extra charge). The list of services includes fiancée, travel visas, and adjustment of status.

Cherry Blossoms Cons

Only desktop version is available (no mobile apps)

Yes, for some reason, the company still hasn’t created apps for iOS and Android devices. Many rivaling dating services do have specific mobile apps that make it easier to communicate with the girls while away from a desktop computer. Still, during our Cherry Blossoms review, we didn’t have any issues with accessing the website through smartphones and tablets. 

You’ll need to pay a monthly fee to talk to the girls

As a free member of Cherry Blossoms, you can view the profiles and even send smiles. That allows a user to let a girl know that he is interested in her. However, to get access to the more advanced features and services, you’ll need to upgrade (purchase a subscription). 

A membership includes live chats and video messaging. Other services include translation and flower delivery to the girl of your choosing.

Cherry Blossoms Feedback

CherryBlossoms review: pros and cons, feedback, legit or sacm, dating asian women

Frank and Jessa

Big thanks go out to Cherry Blossoms for helping me meet the love of my life. Without their professional help, we would’ve never figured out all the paperwork. We’ve been together for seven years now, and want to express our gratitude once again. Initially, one of my good buddies sent me a link to CB, and, even though I was skeptical at first, now I know that they are the real deal!

Benjamin and Rosa

There are so many dating sites out there that I didn’t really know where to start. Thankfully, after a disappointing experience with my first dating service, Blossoms came around and changed things for me – big time. Long-distance relationships have never been my cup of tea. So, after they helped me with the visa, I traveled to the Philippines and met the girl that is today my wife! 

Cherry Blossoms Works

And now that we went over the interface, customer support, and the list of features, let us talk more about how the website works. Don’t worry – there’s nothing hard about registering on Blossoms.com, searching through profiles, messaging, and meeting the girls. Still, the following short, yet informative guides will help you to better understand how to navigate through CB.


On average, registration takes 10 minutes (but usually much less). This is a 2-step process, and the first thing you’ll need to do is visit the website. There, you’ll find a form asking you to enter the first name, share an email address, come up with a password, and answer a simple question: what sex you are and who you’re looking for.

Date of birth and location are the next forms to fill out. In the 2nd step, Blossoms.com will ask information on your race, marital status, physical traits, and employment, among other things. The final step – users must write a short text describing themselves (the paragraph shouldn’t be longer than 25 characters).

CherryBlossoms review: registration, pros and cons


The search engine is quite powerful and very easy to use. It is available with numerous filters that make it easier to find a perfect match. The list includes age, religion, employment, country of origin, and more. Plus, there’s a convenient feature that allows searching the Internet for any of the profile pictures. That makes sure that the people that you’re talking to are, indeed, who they say they are.

The same is true for the text in profile descriptions: you can check whether they’re “legit” or copied from the Web. For protecting yourself from fakes and scammers, CherryBlossoms is an excellent service.


With the free membership, you can browse through profiles, send smiles, and add girls to your favorites/friends. Plus, the site allows asking predetermined questions from a list. For messaging, you’ll have to become a member (by purchasing a subscription). Use classic email, video chat, and the messenger to get in contact with the girls and talk to them directly.

Again, to be able to talk to the girls on Cherry Blossoms, you’ll have to pay. That’s a common practice among dating websites, though. Besides, Blossoms.com offers one of the most reasonably-priced subscription plans. Here is a full list of things that men can do once they subscribe:

  • Send a short message/video to get things started
  • Use the video chat to see the girls in the real-life
  • Use the “Gift” option and send flowers to the person that they like
  • Finally, the company has professional translators on standby, ready to help out
CherryBlossoms: review, pros and cons, messaging

Dating Rules

CherryBlossoms is, in many ways, similar to all the other dating websites. This is a place where men can find the women of their dreams, and Blossoms is doing a great job of making both sides feel comfortable. The site is intended for the English-speaking men (mostly from the US and Canada). However, thanks to the translators, you’ll be able to communicate with girls that don’t know English.

There are no strict rules on Blossoms.com: make sure to be polite, friendly, and respectful. Subscribe, choose a girl you like, and set up a meeting to meet her and have a real conversation.

Girls Profiles

As mentioned earlier in this Cherry Blossoms review, the website mainly offers profiles of women from South East Asia. The countries are Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and, of course, the Philippines. You might wonder: what kind of single women register on sites like this one – what are they looking for? Well, just like the men, they are searching for a meaningful relationship with a foreigner.

Once you register, the profiles of all the users will become available to you. The number of women is quite impressive and includes ladies of different ages, origin, religion, social standing, and appearance. Navigation is simple; every single profile comes with short descriptions and at least one photo. Plus, you’ll find info on her age, education, nationality, hobbies, interests, job, languages, and more.  

With 25K visitors per month and a 70% reply rate, your chances of finding a perfect match are very high. We also recommend using the Match feature. With it, you can create a picture of an ideal woman and wait for the website to send you profiles that meet the criteria the most. This feature is a life-savior for men that don’t have enough time to surf through dozens of profiles.

CherryBlossoms: review, girls profiles, pros and cons

Our Verdict

That’s it for our Cherry Blossoms review! We talked about the pros, the cons, the women, and, of course, how the website works. As we already said in the beginning, Blossoms.com is one of the best places to look for a serious relationship with an Asian woman. The members will get access to services like personal emails, video calls, and even face-to-face meetings with the girls.

Add immigration assistance, a consistently high level of activity, reliable customer support, and a perfect reputation, and you’ll see why CherryBlossoms is the obvious leader. Your private calls/messages will always stay private, thanks to state-of-the-art security. The interface, in turn, is straightforward and welcoming. Too bad, there are no exclusive mobile apps for the fans of Smartphones and tablets.