Best date movies and what they say about you


Films about blind dates are romance, mystery, curious situations, accidents, and coincidences. And what is your favorite movie? Check a list of the best date movies below.

What Cinematography Can Say About You?

Cinematography, like other technical means of information, is at the center of the attention of teachers of many universities in the country. A detailed analysis of the use of screen-based aids in the educational process of higher education reveals an empirical approach to the methodology of their application. Teachers are forced to be guided not by scientific recommendations, but by intuition, “successful experience”. To solve the problem, first of all, it is necessary:

  • to define the functions of cinema as an educational tool;
  • to clarify the methods and forms of using the works of cinema for the purposeful formation of the personality (student;
  • to find a way to determine the level of the educational impact of the film.

It is even more difficult to navigate the numerous works of the current film repertoire, and new films are most popular with young viewers and have a significant impact on them. Thus, it becomes necessary to turn to the field of knowledge that lies at the intersection of pedagogy and cinematography. New alliances of sciences are a characteristic feature of our time.

Movie performs, first of all, a cognitive function, increasing the amount of information acquired by students at the university. It is important for the teacher, in this case, to consider documentary films as the most accurate way of recording a scientific and historical fact. The screen material serves as an additional source of information, thanks to which the argumentation of the lecturer’s material increases.

Further, the cinema is designed to increase the visibility of the educational and educational process. And finally, cinema has an educational function. Works of screen art have great opportunities for the formation of a worldview, patriotism, moral and aesthetic education of students.

Top 3 Date Movies

No melodramas with a happy ending and spectacular blockbusters. We’ve collected some of the less obvious dramas, thrillers, and even horror movies to watch with your partner during a date. They will not only help you have a good time, but they will also nudge you into important discussions within the relationship:

1. Blind Dating.

By agreeing to the experimental treatment, Denny was well aware that already very poor eyesight could deteriorate completely. But for a young, intelligent, sociable, and ambitious guy, there was simply no other way out. However, what happened to him in the clinic was not even remotely included in the plans. The charming and kind nurse Lisa won his heart, and Danny doesn’t even want to know what she looks like, although everyone around says that the girl is a real beauty. Only Lisa is engaged and her family.

2. While You Were dating.

To meet true love and avoid loneliness, any person on the blue planet dreams of this. And sometimes an enchanting feeling can be found where there seemed to be no hope. Nick and Julia in the past were a happily married couple, but insidious rock threw them along different paths, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives one by one.

3. Hitch.

The main character of the film is a young black guy named Alex Hitchens. He makes his living by helping insecure men get the woman of their dreams for a good monetary reward.