AsianPeopleMeet is a part of the respected People Media network. The site was released in 2000 as a simple and easy-to-use online dating service for Asian individuals all around the world. AsianPeopleMeet boasts more than 700 thousand members and is well-designed and allows its members to easily create a profile and start connecting with Asian individuals

AsianPeopleMeet is a known dating website for people from Asian cultures and countries. The database is quite astonishing and active, with a constant subscription of new members. The mission statement of the website is no help people create families and long-term relationships, based on true love, trust, and shared interests. 

If you are looking for an Asian spouse, you can turn your attention to this website. AsianPeopleMeet focuses explicitly on connecting the hearts of those who feel the need for meeting someone who shared the same values and goals. It has a low subscription fee, extensive database, and extended search tools. review

Why AsianPeopleMeet

Interface 4 of 5

Audience 4 of 5

Prices 5 of 5 

Safety 5 of 5

Summary 4 of 5 

AsianPeopleMeet appears as a legit website for meeting and communicating with people from different countries. It is secured and has a pleasing interface, various pricing plans, and promises something more than just flirting for one day. You actually can feel secure here and don’t hesitate to stay for a little longer, so you can find a partner of your dreams. 


Low subscription fee in comparison to other popular dating agencies and websites. 

AsianPeopleMeet offers an extensive database of people who are looking forward to communicating. 


Offers merged dating websites. 

Some profiles appear like a scam.  

AsianPeopleMeet is Best for

  • Place where you can be yourself

In the modern globalized world, it seems hard and easy at the same time to find someone who shares the same values or cultural heritage. People can be residing anywhere, but their heart would belong in one particular place. AsianPeopleMeet makes it possible for men and women to feel at home and meet people from various Asian countries in several clicks. 

  • A secure and reliable way of meeting new people 

Men often search for a convenient and safe way to meet with women who are ready to start a relationship. AsianPeopleMeet is created for those who are prepared for a serious and long-term relationship that can result in creating a new family. AsianPeopleMeet is also perfect for men who look for a mature woman who made up their mind. 

  • The strong cultural ties 

As well, men look for Asian women as they are the synonym of stability and tradition. Asian women are more than tradition, and they are hard-working and looking into the future while having a strong connection with the past. Asian women preserve their heritage and culture. So, if you come from the same background, it is better to be interested in supporting your future wife decision to maintain the lifestyle she is proud of. 

AsianPeopleMeet Pros

Chats and mobile app

AsianPeopleMeet offers chats as the ultimate way of connecting with someone who caught your eye. Of course, it may seem not as much as other websites offer, but do you need something more for creating a positive first impression? Importantly, AsianPeopleMeet has a mobile application, something not so many sites have. 

asianpeoplemeet review: mobile app

Adequate fees

In comparison to other websites and agencies, AsianPeopleMeet offers quite a low fee for having an opportunity to communicate with several people simultaneously. It doesn’t use the credit system so that you will spend your money wisely. Fees and subscription is rather a guarantee that you can ask for justice if you will be tricked by scam and website moderators will initiate an investigation.  

Extended features 

Also, after paying you will get access you some extended features, like seeing who saved you flirted with you. Quite an exciting opportunity, since other applications that offer meeting people are less reliable than AsianPeopleMeet. You don’t need that much for adequate search and good time spent speaking to people. 

AsianPeopleMeet Cons

No reviews

AsianPeopleMeet doesn’t have that much feedback from that amount of people who use this service. Neither there are reviews of application or adequate rating of other third parties. Arguably, it seems like a red flag, but we should give AsianPeopleMeet a chance before being critical of it. 

Merged websites

The service offers to check out other integrated dating websites, which seems a bit confusing, considering that you came on AsianPeopleMeet for a particular goal. Surely, you don’t have time to check every suggestion and offer. On the other hand, it may extend your search horizon a bit. 


Sometimes it seems that some profiles are not legit and real since they act like robots and only flirt with you, without making meaningful conversations. Let’s think that’s just immature people on the other side, but always be cautious when sharing sensitive information. 

AsianPeopleMeet Feedbacks

Shawn and Asha

We didn’t chat that much at the beginning. I even thought that there is no way Shawn is serious with his intentions. Then we found out we have so much in common when we started discussing our views on traveling. I think it’s the devil is in the details. I still can’t believe we are now traveling together, and I feel that our relationship is growing stronger. Thank you, AsianPeopleMeet. 

Angel and Chin

I never thought that I could find someone on dating websites. It was my friend’s idea to go and find a girl here. I fell in love with Angel. She is so smart and has a wonderful sense of humor. I think I would never see her, and she is my lucky gift. feedbacks

How AsianPeopleMeet Works

As easy as it is, the registration takes minutes before you proceed with filling up your profile with information about yourself. Then you set the preferences and interests, so you will find the person of your dreams. The sincerity will increase your chances of finding a perfect match. 

Then start searching for your perfect partner. It is really simple, as we mentioned it already. 


AsianPeopleMeet registration process is simple and smooth. AsianPeopleMeet encourages using nicknames, but only after you state your real name. This policy is better than just leaving you wondering who is behind that glamorous alias. Note: always register your profile on the relevant email, so you won’t miss any notification as well as what the website can offer you.


When searching for a partner of your dreams, you have to pick who you are, whom you seek, the age of your partner, and specify the type of relationship you would prefer. The more details you give, the more chances are to find people who have similar views and goals.  AsianPeopleMeet has a very comfortable interface, so you won’t be bored to death on the stage of making your profile. 

When subscribing, you will be offered more precise parameters of the search, so if you have a type in mind, go ahead and find the dream partner. The profiles you will see then will be sorted by your tastes. 


For unlocking messaging, you will have to subscribe to the service. One month will cost you $13.99, while six months will be $38.94 – sounds like a great deal. For instance, other websites offer the system of credits, which makes little sense when you want to spend time on one true purpose – talking with people. AsianPeopleMeet opens you the possibility to see who liked you and encourage you to chat with women there. 

Dating Rules

AsianPeopleMeet makes it easier to update into another tier. Here you can always leave the unwanted chats behind or decide whether you really want to chat with someone. See what your potential partners are interested in and make it up for a good time. Don’t rush yourself or them, give it time and a chance, sometimes the first impression is not the true one. 

However, always bear in mind that you don’t have to share or ask for any sensitive information. Leave it in a safe zone before you feel comfortable with your partner. 

Girls’ Profiles

The profiles on the website are very pleasing to see. Overall, website design is encouraging to spend a lot of time, looking up for new encounters. The profile offers all essential information about your partner, from their appearance to their interests and dreams. Always look for their goals on the website, sometimes women want to meet friends and not love interests, and sometimes vice versa. 

asianpeoplemeet review, girls' profiles

Your profile, as well as the profile of your partner, is a visit card. It helps to understand what to expect from your future relationship. Often people on the website are sincere with their intentions, talking about things that they care about. You will sometimes find women or men who don’t appear to be the same person they were introducing themselves. In such cases, you can know that something is off. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid scams, and even experienced moderators can miss such profiles. 

It is very easy to start chat and like your possible partner’s profile. You can see whether they are offline or online, so it will be easier not to wait too long if a person is inactive. The vast majority of profiles have real photos, without any Photoshop manipulations or false information. 

Our Verdict

If you want to try your luck, then try AsianPeopleMeet. Not a single dating website or agency can guarantee you a happy ending, but you are a creator of your fate after all. In pursuit of happiness, you really should check AsianPeopleMeet and try out all the features that come without paying the subscription fee. When you feel ready, you can advance your search. 

AsianPeopleMeet is indeed a place for many cultures all around the globe meet in one place.