Affiliate Disclaimer

We pride ourselves on having broad knowledge and expertise when it comes to dating. With this firmly fixed in our minds, we make it our aim to provide you with dating sites that are most reliable and safe. Our mission remains the same and reflects our core values- to ensure that you gain access to dating sites that will provide an excellent platform to find love. 

We also help you with detailed guides on Asian brides. With this, we hope that you will get a great grasp of the Asian continent and be able to meet more Asian ladies. We hope that this material acts as a form of guide to understanding how the various social groups that women belong to interact with each other. We are confident that this will help you to become closer to any attractive lady you desire. 

To put the icing on the cake, we make sure that we are completely guided by the experts on the field of dating. It means that we have the needed tips and tricks that you might need to help build a wonderful relationship and, subsequently, marriage. 

Our Site’s Mode of Operation

To help you choose the best dating site, we try to measure each dating site by its reliability. Here are some of the main points we consider.

It’s Legal Structure

We make it our aim to avoid dating sites that are illegal. This can be easily spotted through the presence of profiles that are fake and really an ineffective security framework. Once we spot this, we blacklist the site and ensure that it stays out of our list of trusted dating sites. 


To make sure that all profiles, especially the ladies, are real, we make it a point of duty to crosscheck several things. One of them is the photo which is on display. This, combined with the dating site where the profile is created, helps us to know if it’s a hoax profile or something tangible. We understand that no pictures are perfect. Hence, we find seemingly perfect pictures very suspicious, indeed. 

Variety of Options

To make our site much more convenient for you, we make sure that our list of dating sites all have features that you will love to explore. Some of the features which we expect to see in a dating site will include the live chat option. In essence, we would be looking for tools that ensure that communication is more open and real. 

If we do not find these options available, we tend to avoid such a dating site. 

Website and its Design

When it comes to appearance, the first impression does count. It also comes into play when we evaluate or assess websites. While some platforms use really attractive designs, others use designs that make you feel disturbed. 

While choosing our dating sites, we use the appearance and design of the website as a very important criterion. Who would want to meet the love of their life on a website that’s repulsive?


We find the payment of services and membership dealings to be important when looking at a dating site. When a bride decides to give her services out without any payment, this to us is a red flag. We also prefer that every single component regarding packages offered under the membership plan is specified and made absolutely clear. 

Safety Measures

We love to keep our users safe and secure. That is why we always encourage dating sites to use advanced SSL encryption. It ensures that no one can take away the personal details of users. 

When choosing dating websites, this remains at the top of the chain for us. We will never intentionally expose our users to this risk. 

Great Customer Support

We love a website that has great customer support. If a dating site does not have this, then, it is a big problem for us. 

Making Money – How We Do It

We get our flow of income through brands. These brands pay us commissions for collaborating with them. With this, we are able to keep the project alive and have more details for our users. We make sure that only the best dating sites are chosen. 

Why do we remain affiliated with them?

Remaining affiliated with them would ensure that we keep operating as a business. It also helps the reviews we get for dating sites to stay updated at all times. With this, you can be confident that all our data are up to date and correct. 

Does our affiliation affect our rating and reviews?

Not at all. We make sure that the brands we support are the ones that are right at the top. This happens after we have done a thorough assessment. We are of the opinion that their good reputation will not be easily tarnished. 

Why are we telling you this?

We are all in for transparency. We believe that everything should be laid on the table and that cheating does not show respect and dignity for our users. We also believe that this is the right way to keep our reputation intact. 

Will you need to give us more money?

No, you will not need to pay for this. 

Our Mission and Values

We have one mission- to have a share in your journey to meet your soul mate. Regardless of what direction your life has taken, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to have a wonderful relationship with the woman of your dreams.