The Art of Texting Asian Women

Text art of texting Asian women is the process of sending and receiving short written messages using a cell (mobile) phone. Also called text messaging, mobile messaging, short mail, point-to-point short message service, and short message service (SMS).

What Is the Art of Texting?

The word has become very densely used in the everyday life of modern men, including asian women in chat. But not every user may know the exact definition of what a chat is. Chat is one of the ways people communicate over the Internet. This is such a site, one might say, a small social network where you can correspond by email with another person online. You can write messages to each other when you are online.

The question of what to write in the chat of Asian women can be answered in completely different ways. Since the chat is conducive to free communication, you can write anything there you want. In principle, there is no special censorship in chats. At least not in all. But, nevertheless, when texting, for example, with a girl or a guy in a dating chat, you should not rely on your not very decent (if any) vocabulary.

The fact is that chat is a place where Asian women can discuss a problem, ask for advice, laugh, and get to know each other. Therefore, you can write in the chat about what will be of interest to the interlocutor, about which I would like to talk by messages not only to you but also to other users. By and large, chatting often, if not constantly, goes beyond “small talk”. Basically, people sitting in chats are just trying to “kill” time, laugh, and mock other users (users).

Text Messaging Myths of Asian Women

All common beliefs about text messaging are flawed, or at least controversial. Their graphic identity is not entirely new. Their use is not limited to the younger generation. There is growing evidence that they help rather than hinder literacy. And only a very tiny part of the language uses a peculiar spelling.

Emoticons have no place in passive-aggressive text messages of Asian women. Smilies help us convey emotions that are sometimes lacking in our words and punctuation. For example, the first scenario, for example, would feel much different if person number two added a “yum” smiley after it to indicate that they are looking forward to good treats. Emoji softens our words and helps to deduce the mystery from what we feel, and now we are looking for stronger and more mysterious answers.

There is one exception:

  • One thumb up. It does not get much more passive-aggressive than one thumb. Even a double thumb up has some enthusiasm; the only thumb up looks like the middle finger.
  • And if you are in a long-distance relationship, texting is especially valuable. Nevertheless, even in correspondence, certain rules should be followed so as not to scare a person away.
  • How do you feel when you spend a lot of time describing something in detail to a person, and in response, you get a short “yes” or “cool”? You are probably a little disappointed. Not only that, it can even be annoying.

What is speed dating?

In the article, we are going to explain what speed dating is and how it works.

Speed dating: Overview

Speed dating is a modern way of finding companionship. As a rule, there is a group of at least 10 people, and everybody is going to talk to 5 different partners at minimum. Each person has from 3 to 8 minutes to introduce himself/herself and to ask the partner some simple questions (e.g. What is your hobby/occupation/favourite food?).

Each participant makes notes on everybody he/she talked to and, at the end of the event, writes down the names of those who have caught their attention. Then, the organizers look for a match. And if speed dating participants have a thing for each other, they may exchange contact details and organize a real date later on.

Types of speed dating events

There are various kinds of speed dating events depending on the amount of participants (large and small) and their sexual orientation (LGBTQ and heterosexual). Besides, due to the pandemic (2020-2021), virtual speed dating has become really popular.

Speed dating benefits

The biggest plus of speed dating is that you do not have to share your contact details, or stay with a person for too long just to be polite. This is a perfect solution for those hesitating to ask someone to go out or simply exchange numbers. What is more, speed dating offers an opportunity to find a soul mate pretty fast. That is why such events are usually popular with people aged 35 and above as they know what they like/dislike, and what character features/kind of appearance are more appealing to them.

Overcoming awkwardness

To be completely honest, during speed dating, participants have no time to keep silence. As everybody has just 3-8 minutes to introduce themselves and to know the partner better, it is very important to keep a conversation no matter what. But if you really do not know what to talk about, you may use the following list of questions we have prepared for you:

  1. What is your favourite movie/music?
  2. If you could invite a celebrity to a brunch, who would it be?
  3. Who is your life model?
  4. What do you like to do in your free time?
  5. How do you like to spend weekends?
  6. What makes you shy/laugh/cry?
  7. How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?
  8. If you had a chance to live anywhere in the entire universe, where would it be?
  9. What would you cook for a family gathering/ home party?
  10. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?
  11. Do you prefer eating out or cooking at home?
  12. What was the last book you read? How was it?
  13. Wine or beer? Or maybe just water?
  14. How do you relax usually?
  15. Are you a listener or a speaker?

Of course, there are way more interesting questions to ask, but these are the most common ones.

Another important thing is that you should not treat speed dating as an interview. Relax and do not overthink too much.

Asian Mail Order Brides: Best Asian Women for Marriage

Many people pursue their happiness and strive for a healthy marriage. Some people find their partners in their referential culture. But some may struggle with understanding someone who isn’t sharing the same cultural background as they do. People search for partners who will support and care for them. Mostly, people consider finding a person who is much like them. 

For a long time, Asian culture was a mystery and exotic concept for Westerners. People from Asian countries have much more complicated cultural background, different from Western ideas of the most basic commonalities. But what exactly do men expect from dating with Asian women? What are the typical stereotypes and misconceptions? What are the truths? We will try to answer some of the most common assumptions and ideas. 

Why Asian Women?

For centuries, Asian cultures were conserved and separated from the common trend of Western development. It leads to the first conclusion: Asian countries preserve traditional views on gender roles. Is it bad? It’s hard to tell since we all know that sometimes some ideas have to be revised. 

Asian wives are mysterious and cunning, as some websites will suggest. We want to tell you something different. Behold of those stereotypical images and misconceptions, because the truth is sweeter than any fable. First of all, Asian women have the same desires and needs like any other women. 

Asian Mail Order Brides: dating sexy beautiful Asian women

However, we don’t want to underestimate the ability of balance between tradition and progress. Asian bride is a perfect match for you because she always knows what she wants. Of course, Asian wives wish to love and feel security, healthy marriage and relationships, family traditions, and progressive future.

Asian women indeed have this unique sense of balance between individual and community needs. They would respect others and put their needs on the second place. Asian wives would most likely avoid conflicts, but you should encourage your partner to develop a voice and discuss everything properly with her.

We must say that Asian women share a common trait of being good looking. What makes women look even better? Healthy relationship and supportive partnership. We are not making fun here, and we looked up in studies that prove that people feel better if they are secured and mentally supported. 

In general: Asian women are the ones that will work for the family wellbeing and support their partners in everything. This is why Western men need them.

Top-5 Facts About Asian Women

  1. They would support the idea of marriage and long-term relationships

Asian women are not the ones that are into too much flirting and just words. They would most likely pursue marriage and happiness in a healthy partnership. If you are ready and want to create a new social unit, then you should meet with a woman that would share the same values. Asian women are investing in the idea of marriage and union.

2. They are loyal and supportive

Asian women are less likely to divorce and fall in love with someone other. We suggest that your union have to be based on mutual respect and love to work out. We are implying that Asian women are more likely to spend their life with one partner whom they choose, based on the idea of love and shared values. Also, they are more likely to support your initiatives. 

3. They are beautiful 

Asian women have a quite interesting cultural and ethnic background, which makes them beautiful without denying it. They are even more beautiful when they feel that they are spending their time with a person who understands them and supports them as they do. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful and shining than love and caring relationships. Of course, we cannot help but note that Asian wives are just naturally beautiful. 

4. They are educated and smart

The education for Asian culture is the highest value. Every woman and man pursuit decent education and different hobbies to secure their future. At the same time, Asian women lookup for opportunities to learn and develop new skills. If you have an educated and interesting partner, you will strive to become even better than you were yesterday. 

Asian Mail Order Brides: beautiful smart educated Asian women dating online

5. They are hardworking

Either it will be her career goals or family nest, women from Asian cultures will do everything in their powers to make it perfect. They would keep the house in perfect order, support you, and help you in your work and hobbies, and everything she will do will result with perfection. If you want to learn from the best of the best, consider your future partner as your guidance. Asian bride would happily teach you everything she knows herself. 

Asian Women vs. American Women

Asian women are more oriented to meet family standards and needs of the group, while American women are more self-oriented and emphasize individuality in a relationships. This is the most significant difference between the two cultures, and if you tend to focus on family needs, then Asian woman would most likely support you. If there were a choice between family and self-interests, Asian women would pick family, while American women would pursue their interests. Of course, it depends on the perspective. 

Asian women are more open for long-term relationships with one partner, while American women are more liberated in their choice. If this factor is significant for you and you will return the loyalty to your partner, then you should meet Asian women. There is no shame in the aspect of one’s sexuality, but indeed, Asian women are more focused on one partner and building relationships with them. 

Who is a Mail Order Bride?

Mail Order Brides are the Asian brides who use dating platforms to find a partner abroad. Asian girls post their photos on the dating websites so you can find a perfect partner based on your specific preferences. You can find a partner in different categories, and either have a nice conversation with people on the platform or search for serious and long-term relationships. Moreover, many stories end up with people creating a strong bond and creating a family. 

Of course, you have to decide what are you searching and to whom you would like to speak. Be clear with your wishes and intentions because otherwise you would be disappointed. Some real people are interested in finding a partner or a friend who doesn’t want to waste their time in meaningless and obscure conversations. In other words, if you are sure for one hundred percent, then everything you need is on the website. 

These services are paid, but they are the guarantee of your and others personal data security. You can always ask for help there, and some guidance from experienced people who witnessed hundreds of relationships progress into something real.

Asian Mail Order Brides: Dating sexy Asian girls, pretty women

Why Hot Asian Women Become Mail Order Brides

Many women have the same struggles as men: different views on marriage between their peers, different values, and different needs. Many Asian brides want to create loving and caring relationships and then spend the rest of their lives in healthy marriages. Of course, sometimes people feel lonely when they cannot find a soulmate, and then they come for help on such dating platforms. 

Asian women are like any other women or men, and they don’t have preferences as such designed by default. Many Asian women are interested in creating a diverse future for their children, born in a family with different cultural views. Asian women are the most loyal and family-oriented women, who will work on their relationships. They are eager to create a strong family with European or Afro-American men, considering them very sexy. 

Asian cultures enclose so much different regions and backgrounds. Asian women are interested in learning about other cultures and teach their partner about theirs. Regardless the region, country, or age, every Asian woman is looking for something meaningful and the place where she can grow and realize her potential. On these websites, Asian women usually accelerate period for looking for their perfect partner. 

How to Pick Your Ideal Asian Wife?

There are plenty of websites that offer similar services, being a platform for meeting and communicating with people. However, you have to be careful and attentive when looking up for such platforms. Usually, top picks are proven and long-existing databases with reviews and ratings. Don’t choose the easiest way possible and let frauds. 

You have to look for any proof that would guarantee that the provided service is real. You can contact customer support or see it during the registration process. Of course, many services are paid to ensure security, but some of them must be protected. Don’t share any personal data without being sure that it will stay on the website. 

Remember, these services never guarantee you one hundred percent luck with finding a partner, and you also have to comply with the rules when speaking with people. Be polite and cautious, don’t let scammers trick you. 

We listed some top picks for you:

  • ThaiFlirting Review 2019
  • AsianPeopleMeet Review 2019
  • FindLoveAsia Review 2019

Young Asian Women 

Asian Mail Order Brides: Online dating beautiful young Asian ladies

Young women usually don’t as much interested in marriage but their personal development. It is quite perfect for a person to find themselves in different fields before choosing to live a life with a partner. Young Asian women are very energetic and cheerful, and they can support your ideas for trips and evening going out. They are always into learning something new, so if you can share something valuable, then they will find you as an interesting partner. 

Young Asian women are more careless and light, they are never against the idea of doing something fun. If you look for a partner, you should keep in mind that young people are less interested in something that would bore them. They are more flexible when considering different options, and you can talk about a lot of topics that may be from technologies to the latest fashion updates. Young women are usually more flirty and looking for different opportunities. 

Mature Asian women 

Asian Mail Order Brides: dating beautiful mature Asian women

On the other hand, mature women are more stable and standing their ground in their interests and intents. They know what they want, and they would work on it. Here we are talking about less of flirting and more of actions and serious planning. Mature Asian women regard marriage more seriously and would support your strive for creating a healthy bond. 

Mature Asian women are more of a teacher and caretaker figures when they are older. They are energetic and hardworking, but they would be your beacon in questions where you don’t have any answers. Mature Asian ladies prefer actions over talks, seriousness, and stability over flirt. However, don’t think that they are bored or boring, because, with age, people become more secure with their views and values. So, if you want to jump right into a relationship with formed personality, then don’t hesitate to pick up a woman who knows her dreams and knows how to realize them. 

Best Asian dating websites in 2019 

We looked up a lot of websites and platforms and created a list for your consideration. Usually, these are the websites you can trust, but if you don’t feel like it then continue the search. In the end, the time and effort will pay off because you will find the right person.  

Top Asian countries 

Every country has its unique traits and values. Although Asia is a great concept, we work with different countries and women from different cultural backgrounds, including:

  • Japanese brides
  • Chinese brides
  • Thai brides
  • Indian brides
  • Korean brides
  • Filipino brides

Of course, we suggest you to ask your partner to tell you more about their culture and their preferences. Also, we suggest that culture is quite a complex concept, and you have to dedicate some time to learn about the most common features of it. 

Asian Mail Order Brides: dating Asian women, find your love

Our purposes 

It is vital for us as specialists it this delicate and new branch to help you in your search of the perfect woman from Asia. We never want to fraud you but achieve the best result within a short time. Besides, our site is aimed to create unique experiences and help people to find their partners and lovers. We witnessed many happy endings in real life, and truth to be told, they are better than any movie can describe. 


Overall, there is no perfect formula in finding a love interest or partner. We believe that the best can be achieved after the healthy dialog, and we encourage people to take a severe step in understanding what they want for themselves and their future. Asian brides are perfect partners and often know how to actively listen, understand, and support their men. Asian women are beautiful and intelligent at any age, and their cultural background only makes them more interesting. 

The Differences Between Dating an Asian Girl VS a Caucasian Girl

Many people want to know the differences between dating a Caucasian girl and an Asian girl. It’s like a different between meet cam model on best cam site or find this model on dating site. Well, for those who don’t know, they’re different when it comes to relationship, marriage, and lifestyles. Caucasian girls and Asian girls aren’t the same.

Asian Girls

Asian girls are skinny, small, lovely, and appealing. They have beautiful smiles and smooth skin. Asian girls don’t only have physical beauty, but also good inner characteristics. The way they care for their partner, look after their home, and take care of their kids are the best. Majority of Asian girls have various ethos when it comes to family compared to Caucasian girls. They respect their mother and father and don’t usually put their parents in the nursing homes. The parents take care of their children as long as they live so their children should take care of them in the late years. It’s what Asian girls do and think.

Asian girls are very family oriented and consider relationship with the family as the uppermost thing in their lives. Whenever you are selecting the right partner, majority of Asian females like to settle down a family. When it comes to marriages, there are rare divorces between Asian men and wives. They also consider marriage is a lifetime commitment so they try to work it out always. Majority of Asian girls sacrifice themselves for their partner and kids.

Caucasian Girls

Caucasian girls are sexy and beautiful. They’re bigger and tall. Caucasian girls are more independent compared to Asian girls. They’re more active and much stronger. Caucasian girls make their own decision rather than waiting for their husbands do it. When it comes to marriage and relationship, Caucasian girls are stronger. They will get divorced once their husband doesn’t make her happy. In some cases, Asian girls might stay with their husband because of their kids. Usually, Caucasian girls put their parents in the nursing homes and think that these are ideal for them because of the availability of doctors, nurses, medical stuff, and so on.

Other Differences of Caucasian Girls and Asian Girls

Young Caucasian girls are very attractive and beautiful while some young Asian girls are a bit skinny. Nevertheless, when Caucasian girls have children or over thirty years old, majority of them turn out fat and their skin has freckles and pimples. When skinny and young Asian women have babies, they turn out to be perfect and typically look younger compared to their actual age.

Asian girls are also naive and gullible. Whether you are in Cambodia or Indonesia, everything you’ll say will be taken at a face value. None of them can tell a fraudster from genuine men. Usually, a sizable proportion ends up in serious relationships with drug users, wife beaters, broke losers or criminals from the West. Caucasian girls, on the other hand, are overly suspicious and skeptical. Everything you say be analyzed and will surely be used against you.

Now that you know the differences between Asian girls and Caucasian girls, it’s time for you to determine who to date in the future.

Asian Dating

Owned by Cupid Media, AsianDating is a popular online dating and matchmaking site. It is one of the largest Asian dating sites on the internet. The main aim of the site is to help individuals who are looking for Asian women for long-term relationship, marriage, or friendship. AsianDating currently boasts more than 2 million members

Match for Asian Singles is a recommended site if you are seeking to become active in Asian online dating circles. While has links to numerous other dating services, it’s Asian dating section focuses on bringing Asian individuals together. Even if you are a non-Asian and looking for a perfect Asian partner, this site can help

Date In Asia is a popular online Asian dating site that gained popularity very quickly after its launch few years ago. The site does not offer extensive features as most online dating sites do, but its easy interface and free membership still attracts many individuals who have low budget and are looking for Asian partners for friendship and dating

Eharmony Review 2019

If you are looking for a quality online Asian dating and matchmaking site, eHarmony is certainly a great choice when it comes to finding steady relationships. While the site is not recommended for individuals looking for casual hookups, it’s Asian dating section will surely help you get to know Asian women

Finding love is the purpose of many people’s lives regardless of age, gender, religion, location, and lifestyle. In the modern world, however, digitalization led to the lack of intimate connection, and many people looking for a lifetime relationship lose their hope. eHarmony is one of the most popular dating websites in the world.

Thanks to eHarmony, approximately 550 couples get married every day. It developed from the idea of the clinical and counseling psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Warren believed that the perfect path to love is the one that is designed by a person. After starting his project in 1997, he became highly successful in determining the essential features that help people find each other.

Why eHarmony

eHarmony is very different from many other typical dating sites because it emphasizes two priorities: science and commitment. It uses a great strategy that relies on the individuality of the person and matches it with other people’s profiles based on 29 personality dimensions. eHarmony is excellent because it has an approximately equal number of individuals of both genders.

It is also suitable for people who are financially and emotionally secure. The registration process is longer than at other websites. Besides, many features are not available if a person is not using a paid account. So, most people there are usually invested in finding the “perfect one.” These aspects increase the reliability of eHarmony.

eharmony start searching

eHarmony is Best for

The website helps men to achieve the goal of finding the best match possible depending on their goals and interests.

eHarmony is an attractive option for those who are interested in the following:

1. Finding a longlasting relationship.

Most people will find it highly satisfying to know that most people who are present at the website opt for marriage or at least continuous courtship.

2. Being emotionally engaged with a person.

When people use the Internet, especially such marriage-oriented websites, they disclose diverse and intimate information about their personalities and discover each other.

3. Having a set of priorities and features that are the most important.

It is a fabulous opportunity to learn about people based on their hobbies, interests, and preferences. If you want to engage in lasting relations, you will admire the system that proposes you different people with specific personality features.

4. Relying on a scientificallybased approach.

And surely, no one likes being uncertain about the system that makes matches. Thankfully, the evidence shows that this service’s approach is scientific.

5. Feeling secure and confident.

Dating websites may be tricky. That’s why I like eHarmony so much. Because most plans are paid, you have a higher reliability level at this website.

eHarmony Pros

eHarmony has many advantages that distinguish it from other dating websites.

It is very aim-oriented

The most significant aspect that makes it unique is the presence of the people who want to find the one person with whom they will spend many years together. Because of this, eHarmony also proposes continuing the premium subscription if it has not helped you in the previous months.

Strict and reliable system of matchmaking

It is secure and wellworking, with many couples sharing their stories. eHarmony also offers different service types depending on the intentions, needs, and timeframe, so its services are quite flexible.

Phone support

eHarmony’s subscription even offers phone support with establishing comfortable contact and securing a successful relationship. If you’re unsure regarding your skills of flirting or if you don’t get some social clues, the professionals are ready to assist in any case.

Members from all around the world

It has members in 50 U.S. states and more than 200 countries internationally. eHarmony allows people to meet individuals from other cultures or ask someone out to the closest cafe in the same city.

It has an app

This feature allows browsing through the personal profiles and chatting wherever you go, and you don’t have to stick to one device only.

eHarmony Cons

Regardless, eHarmony also has some flaws which you should consider before registering.

Limited browsing possibilities

It offers a limited set of possibilities that make it harder for people to browse different profiles. The focus on the service remains on the people who have the highest matching rates. And even if you are interested in someone, it may be possible that they will choose someone with a higher level of compatibility.

Free opportunities are also limited

You cannot chat with people only watch their profiles (without photos) and ask them automatically-generated questions that they may answer. It is not the most excellent option for those who do not want to spend money on dating websites.


Subscription plans offer only long-term options with six, twelve, and twenty-four months packages. The necessity to fill all the questionnaires may distract some people and demotivate them because of the need to give so much effort to find the perfect match.

eHarmony Feedbacks

Here are some of the reviews from eHarmony happy users.

Audrey, 29

When I registered on eHarmony, I didn’t have anything in mind. I was going through a severe personal issue and felt that I needed stability and serious relations to bring me back to life. Then, I met Chad. Our communication was slow and careful, but the weeks passed, and I couldn’t sleep without a phone near me if I knew that he would write.

Chris, 36

I met Bonnie on eHarmony when I most needed it. If I had to wait longer, I would probably get depressed. But Bonnie healed me, and we are happily married with one daughter.

John, 48

With eHarmony’s matches, I found my wife after a few months, and we live together for five years now.

eharmony feedbacks

How eHarmony Works

The website has simple guidelines about its performance. eHarmony asks the user to provide information about oneself and complete the tests that will help the system to do its matching job. After the process is done, a user can view the profiles with descriptions to think about if these people will be suitable for him or her.

After this, a person may choose the subscription plan that is the most ideal. Through messaging and sending the winks, a person communicates with others, sharing thoughts and feelings and getting comfortable with the website.

eHarmony: how to sign up


Registration on eHarmony is simple, yet it requires more time than on other websites or dating resources. First, you are required to fill the necessary information on your gender and whom you want to find, your country, zip code, and first name. Then, it is necessary to add the email, password, and how you found the website.

After this, the site offers you to fill in the information about yourself, including religious affiliation, race, profession, income, and habits. The next step is providing the website about the preferences regarding your match. Finally, you are required to take the compatibility quiz. Be careful and choose questions wisely. After the questionnaire is completed, you are transferred to your profile.


Searching on the website is simple. The navigation is minimalistic, and so you won’t get lost. The priority for eHarmony is to unite you with the people who have a perfect match with you. After clicking on “Matches,” you can see all the people who are an ideal variant with you.

During our test run, we had 13 matches from the first minute on the website. However, you may also view other people who are not compatible with you at a high level and check out their profiles. Perhaps someone will attract you. Searching is easy, and you may add the profiles of the people you liked to the “favorites” list.

eHarmony search


Messaging on eHarmony requires a paid version, so you won’t be able to start it immediately if you only registered to try it. Still, it is a smart choice: you want to see what are the perfect matches for you, don’t you? We were intrigued. After browsing through the profiles, you may choose the person for messaging. Start with anything that reflects your personality; don’t be shy but also do not start without thinking. Be yourself. The first words usually represent who you are. We are sure that most women will not be easily attracted if you are rude or overly confident.

Always view their profiles before messaging. Even with such a trustful aspect as the level of compatibility, each person is individuality at first place. For those without the paid version, eHarmony has very little to offer, however. You can only send winks and ask questions that the website generates for you. So, if you’re serious, and the profiles you noticed appeal to you, you’d better choose the subscription type.

Dating Rules

The eHarmony does not have specific dating rules. However, we’ve figured a few requirements that are really important if you want to meet your “only one.” So, after your communication reached a certain level, you may ask a girl out. Be polite and invite her to a neutral territory where both of you will be comfortable. Don’t be late, ever. If you’re not sure about what she likes, don’t order anything extraordinary or ask in advance.

eHarmony helps in dating: it has a great blog that discusses all questions that may occur. For example, the relationship advisors at the website suggest asking questions. But stay away from too serious issues – it has to be entertaining. Be positive and respectful – this is important not only for eHarmony users but for all. 

Girls Profiles

The girls’ profiles on the website are diverse and allow knowing them much better than on many other websites. When you choose “matches,” you see mixed results of your matches and also new people on the site. Aside from photos of the girls, the first thing you see is their age and location. In my matching results, all women gave detailed information about themselves.

All photos are real as the managers at eHarmony check your gallery when you register. It’s great to see all the primary information to know about a girl because you know whether the person suits you or not. The girls’ profiles feature occupation, education, religion, and attitudes to different habits. Also, it is vital that you can immediately see if a person wants to have kids and if she likes pets.

We’ve noticed that these factors are crucial. For those interested in physical attributes, the profile features height and ethnicity. Besides, you will see the necessary personal information which will allow starting a dialogue. Just near the photo and above the profile information, you should click “message” if you’re ready to start. If not, choose the “favorites” option, and you won’t lose her.

eHarmony Profiles

Our Verdict

eHarmony is an outstanding service for finding a person for a long sustainable relationship. It is not suitable for people who are not sure about their future, so it’s an important aspect to reflect on. Although the free version is useless, it gives a good insight into what you should expect from the paid program.

With the accurate matching system and professionals helping with advice, it is much more reliable and morally comforting. Its effectiveness was tested, and many people are happy with its services. If you are prepared to invest resources in seeking a person for many years to come, eHarmony is a wise choice.

AsianPeopleMeet Review

AsianPeopleMeet is a part of the respected People Media network. The site was released in 2000 as a simple and easy-to-use online dating service for Asian individuals all around the world. AsianPeopleMeet boasts more than 700 thousand members and is well-designed and allows its members to easily create a profile and start connecting with Asian individuals

AsianPeopleMeet is a known dating website for people from Asian cultures and countries. The database is quite astonishing and active, with a constant subscription of new members. The mission statement of the website is no help people create families and long-term relationships, based on true love, trust, and shared interests. 

If you are looking for an Asian spouse, you can turn your attention to this website. AsianPeopleMeet focuses explicitly on connecting the hearts of those who feel the need for meeting someone who shared the same values and goals. It has a low subscription fee, extensive database, and extended search tools. review

Why AsianPeopleMeet

Interface 4 of 5

Audience 4 of 5

Prices 5 of 5 

Safety 5 of 5

Summary 4 of 5 

AsianPeopleMeet appears as a legit website for meeting and communicating with people from different countries. It is secured and has a pleasing interface, various pricing plans, and promises something more than just flirting for one day. You actually can feel secure here and don’t hesitate to stay for a little longer, so you can find a partner of your dreams. 


Low subscription fee in comparison to other popular dating agencies and websites. 

AsianPeopleMeet offers an extensive database of people who are looking forward to communicating. 


Offers merged dating websites. 

Some profiles appear like a scam.  

AsianPeopleMeet is Best for

  • Place where you can be yourself

In the modern globalized world, it seems hard and easy at the same time to find someone who shares the same values or cultural heritage. People can be residing anywhere, but their heart would belong in one particular place. AsianPeopleMeet makes it possible for men and women to feel at home and meet people from various Asian countries in several clicks. 

  • A secure and reliable way of meeting new people 

Men often search for a convenient and safe way to meet with women who are ready to start a relationship. AsianPeopleMeet is created for those who are prepared for a serious and long-term relationship that can result in creating a new family. AsianPeopleMeet is also perfect for men who look for a mature woman who made up their mind. 

  • The strong cultural ties 

As well, men look for Asian women as they are the synonym of stability and tradition. Asian women are more than tradition, and they are hard-working and looking into the future while having a strong connection with the past. Asian women preserve their heritage and culture. So, if you come from the same background, it is better to be interested in supporting your future wife decision to maintain the lifestyle she is proud of. 

AsianPeopleMeet Pros

Chats and mobile app

AsianPeopleMeet offers chats as the ultimate way of connecting with someone who caught your eye. Of course, it may seem not as much as other websites offer, but do you need something more for creating a positive first impression? Importantly, AsianPeopleMeet has a mobile application, something not so many sites have. 

asianpeoplemeet review: mobile app

Adequate fees

In comparison to other websites and agencies, AsianPeopleMeet offers quite a low fee for having an opportunity to communicate with several people simultaneously. It doesn’t use the credit system so that you will spend your money wisely. Fees and subscription is rather a guarantee that you can ask for justice if you will be tricked by scam and website moderators will initiate an investigation.  

Extended features 

Also, after paying you will get access you some extended features, like seeing who saved you flirted with you. Quite an exciting opportunity, since other applications that offer meeting people are less reliable than AsianPeopleMeet. You don’t need that much for adequate search and good time spent speaking to people. 

AsianPeopleMeet Cons

No reviews

AsianPeopleMeet doesn’t have that much feedback from that amount of people who use this service. Neither there are reviews of application or adequate rating of other third parties. Arguably, it seems like a red flag, but we should give AsianPeopleMeet a chance before being critical of it. 

Merged websites

The service offers to check out other integrated dating websites, which seems a bit confusing, considering that you came on AsianPeopleMeet for a particular goal. Surely, you don’t have time to check every suggestion and offer. On the other hand, it may extend your search horizon a bit. 


Sometimes it seems that some profiles are not legit and real since they act like robots and only flirt with you, without making meaningful conversations. Let’s think that’s just immature people on the other side, but always be cautious when sharing sensitive information. 

AsianPeopleMeet Feedbacks

Shawn and Asha

We didn’t chat that much at the beginning. I even thought that there is no way Shawn is serious with his intentions. Then we found out we have so much in common when we started discussing our views on traveling. I think it’s the devil is in the details. I still can’t believe we are now traveling together, and I feel that our relationship is growing stronger. Thank you, AsianPeopleMeet. 

Angel and Chin

I never thought that I could find someone on dating websites. It was my friend’s idea to go and find a girl here. I fell in love with Angel. She is so smart and has a wonderful sense of humor. I think I would never see her, and she is my lucky gift. feedbacks

How AsianPeopleMeet Works

As easy as it is, the registration takes minutes before you proceed with filling up your profile with information about yourself. Then you set the preferences and interests, so you will find the person of your dreams. The sincerity will increase your chances of finding a perfect match. 

Then start searching for your perfect partner. It is really simple, as we mentioned it already. 


AsianPeopleMeet registration process is simple and smooth. AsianPeopleMeet encourages using nicknames, but only after you state your real name. This policy is better than just leaving you wondering who is behind that glamorous alias. Note: always register your profile on the relevant email, so you won’t miss any notification as well as what the website can offer you.


When searching for a partner of your dreams, you have to pick who you are, whom you seek, the age of your partner, and specify the type of relationship you would prefer. The more details you give, the more chances are to find people who have similar views and goals.  AsianPeopleMeet has a very comfortable interface, so you won’t be bored to death on the stage of making your profile. 

When subscribing, you will be offered more precise parameters of the search, so if you have a type in mind, go ahead and find the dream partner. The profiles you will see then will be sorted by your tastes. 


For unlocking messaging, you will have to subscribe to the service. One month will cost you $13.99, while six months will be $38.94 – sounds like a great deal. For instance, other websites offer the system of credits, which makes little sense when you want to spend time on one true purpose – talking with people. AsianPeopleMeet opens you the possibility to see who liked you and encourage you to chat with women there. 

Dating Rules

AsianPeopleMeet makes it easier to update into another tier. Here you can always leave the unwanted chats behind or decide whether you really want to chat with someone. See what your potential partners are interested in and make it up for a good time. Don’t rush yourself or them, give it time and a chance, sometimes the first impression is not the true one. 

However, always bear in mind that you don’t have to share or ask for any sensitive information. Leave it in a safe zone before you feel comfortable with your partner. 

Girls’ Profiles

The profiles on the website are very pleasing to see. Overall, website design is encouraging to spend a lot of time, looking up for new encounters. The profile offers all essential information about your partner, from their appearance to their interests and dreams. Always look for their goals on the website, sometimes women want to meet friends and not love interests, and sometimes vice versa. 

asianpeoplemeet review, girls' profiles

Your profile, as well as the profile of your partner, is a visit card. It helps to understand what to expect from your future relationship. Often people on the website are sincere with their intentions, talking about things that they care about. You will sometimes find women or men who don’t appear to be the same person they were introducing themselves. In such cases, you can know that something is off. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid scams, and even experienced moderators can miss such profiles. 

It is very easy to start chat and like your possible partner’s profile. You can see whether they are offline or online, so it will be easier not to wait too long if a person is inactive. The vast majority of profiles have real photos, without any Photoshop manipulations or false information. 

Our Verdict

If you want to try your luck, then try AsianPeopleMeet. Not a single dating website or agency can guarantee you a happy ending, but you are a creator of your fate after all. In pursuit of happiness, you really should check AsianPeopleMeet and try out all the features that come without paying the subscription fee. When you feel ready, you can advance your search. 

AsianPeopleMeet is indeed a place for many cultures all around the globe meet in one place.

Cherry Blossoms Review 2019

If you’re looking for a trendy, user-friendly, and highly-rated dating website, CherryBlossoms might be precisely what you need. As the longest-running dating service, it’s got everything a regular modern-day user could ask for. According to the official statistics, in the last four decades, Cherry Blossoms helped 100K men to find their dream girls from Asia and start a family.

With an impressive list of profiles, a stellar reputation, and a decent set of additional services, this website is an obvious choice for a man looking for a girlfriend/wife. For foreign gentlemen, Asian women are both mysterious and desirable, but, most of them simply don’t have the time or the energy to talk to them in real life. Well, that’s where Cherry Blossoms comes in with a helping hand!

Why Cherry Blossoms

With one of the highest reply rates and exclusive features for the members, CherryBlossoms is an excellent place to find an Asian woman (primarily from the Philippines). The services include video calls, face-to-face dates, instant messages, and more). The simple, yet versatile interface makes it very easy to navigate in search for a match. 

Personalized matches (based on your preferences), easy communications with other members, and aid with a visa – that’s what you can expect from this website. Plus, it is highly secure and protected by the most advanced algorithms. True, the site does look a bit outdated, but, again, many users appreciate the straightforward interface.

While most of the guys on are looking for a serious relationship, you can also start something casual. The majority of the women on this website are in their 20s and dream of moving to a European country or the States/Canada.

CherryBlossoms: dating asian women, review, pros and cons, legit or scam

Cherry Blossoms Review

  • Interface – 4.5/5
  • Audience/Women – 4/5
  • Prices – 4/5
  • Safety – 5/5

Summary: 4.4

Cherry Blossoms offers numerous Asian women profiles (mainly from the Philippines) and features a friendly interface. Statistically, over 60% of the website’s users are active, and most of them are women. In many ways, Blossoms is the best choice for men looking for a serious Asian lady from South East Asia. However, while security is excellent, there are still a lot of scammers on – so, be extra careful!


  • Simple, straightforward, easy-to-use
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • Impressive list of additional features
  • US-based; can help you with a visa


  • Only desktop version is available (no mobile apps)
  • You’ll need to pay a monthly fee to talk to the girls

Cherry Blossoms is best for

Primarily, this website was created for busy men who don’t have a lot of time to spare on their personal life but still want to find a soulmate. With a stellar reputation and more than four decades on the market, Blossoms is “fine-tuned” to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. We’ll talk more about its pros, cons, profiles, and the registration procedure further down the Cherry Blossoms review.

But right now, let us take a quick look at what CB is best for:

  • Finding a young Asian woman in her 20s looking for a serious relationship
  • Communicating with the girls using translation services, video messages, search, match, and more
  • Men from Northern America – most women on the website prefer to move to the US/Canada
  • 75K active members, 25K visitors per month
  • Women reply rate: 70; overall rate – 68%
  • screens the female users – citizens of the US and Canada can’t create profiles

Sadly, like all the other dating websites, CherryBlossoms has constant problems with fakes/scammers. So, always be careful and don’t purchase anything/send money unless you’re 100% sure you’re dealing with a real person. Still, for a US-based man looking for an Asian woman, Blossoms is a safe place to start.

Cherry Blossoms Pros

CherryBlossoms review: pros and cons, dating asian women

Simple, straightforward, easy-to-use

With 40+ years of experience on the market, Cherry Blossoms made sure to create one of the most intuitive interfaces for a dating website. Registration, messaging, and scrolling through the profiles can be done in just a couple of clicks. The only serious downside – the site looks quite outdated. The good news is – you can read about the company, familiarize yourself with the terms of use, and read about visa support without even registering. 

Industry-leading Customer Support

Unlike most Asia-focused dating websites, Blossoms isn’t located in Asia. The headquarters are in the States (Hawaii, to be exact): they provide qualified help in English, and the agents are always available. The company also accepts physical mail and postal letters. Furthermore, there’s a “Help” section on the official site with friendly guides and answers to the most common questions.

Impressive list of additional features

When it comes to extra services, is one of the apparent leaders. Here’s a complete list of the features that you’ll get with it:

  • Live chat
  • Email and video messages
  • Full immigration support (with a 100% money-back guarantee)
  • Ability to send gifts

This is important: as you’ll learn from the Cons section, only subscribed members get access to all these features.

US-Based; can help you with a visa

Full immigration support is one of the biggest reasons to create a profile in CherryBlossoms. If you found your true love and want to bring her to the States/another Western country, will provide full immigration support. You’ll find useful information about the visa here and here

Or, better yet, get in contact with customer support: they’ll have their Visa Specialist explain everything in plain and simple English (at no extra charge). The list of services includes fiancée, travel visas, and adjustment of status.

Cherry Blossoms Cons

Only desktop version is available (no mobile apps)

Yes, for some reason, the company still hasn’t created apps for iOS and Android devices. Many rivaling dating services do have specific mobile apps that make it easier to communicate with the girls while away from a desktop computer. Still, during our Cherry Blossoms review, we didn’t have any issues with accessing the website through smartphones and tablets. 

You’ll need to pay a monthly fee to talk to the girls

As a free member of Cherry Blossoms, you can view the profiles and even send smiles. That allows a user to let a girl know that he is interested in her. However, to get access to the more advanced features and services, you’ll need to upgrade (purchase a subscription). 

A membership includes live chats and video messaging. Other services include translation and flower delivery to the girl of your choosing.

Cherry Blossoms Feedback

CherryBlossoms review: pros and cons, feedback, legit or sacm, dating asian women

Frank and Jessa

Big thanks go out to Cherry Blossoms for helping me meet the love of my life. Without their professional help, we would’ve never figured out all the paperwork. We’ve been together for seven years now, and want to express our gratitude once again. Initially, one of my good buddies sent me a link to CB, and, even though I was skeptical at first, now I know that they are the real deal!

Benjamin and Rosa

There are so many dating sites out there that I didn’t really know where to start. Thankfully, after a disappointing experience with my first dating service, Blossoms came around and changed things for me – big time. Long-distance relationships have never been my cup of tea. So, after they helped me with the visa, I traveled to the Philippines and met the girl that is today my wife! 

Cherry Blossoms Works

And now that we went over the interface, customer support, and the list of features, let us talk more about how the website works. Don’t worry – there’s nothing hard about registering on, searching through profiles, messaging, and meeting the girls. Still, the following short, yet informative guides will help you to better understand how to navigate through CB.


On average, registration takes 10 minutes (but usually much less). This is a 2-step process, and the first thing you’ll need to do is visit the website. There, you’ll find a form asking you to enter the first name, share an email address, come up with a password, and answer a simple question: what sex you are and who you’re looking for.

Date of birth and location are the next forms to fill out. In the 2nd step, will ask information on your race, marital status, physical traits, and employment, among other things. The final step – users must write a short text describing themselves (the paragraph shouldn’t be longer than 25 characters).

CherryBlossoms review: registration, pros and cons


The search engine is quite powerful and very easy to use. It is available with numerous filters that make it easier to find a perfect match. The list includes age, religion, employment, country of origin, and more. Plus, there’s a convenient feature that allows searching the Internet for any of the profile pictures. That makes sure that the people that you’re talking to are, indeed, who they say they are.

The same is true for the text in profile descriptions: you can check whether they’re “legit” or copied from the Web. For protecting yourself from fakes and scammers, CherryBlossoms is an excellent service.


With the free membership, you can browse through profiles, send smiles, and add girls to your favorites/friends. Plus, the site allows asking predetermined questions from a list. For messaging, you’ll have to become a member (by purchasing a subscription). Use classic email, video chat, and the messenger to get in contact with the girls and talk to them directly.

Again, to be able to talk to the girls on Cherry Blossoms, you’ll have to pay. That’s a common practice among dating websites, though. Besides, offers one of the most reasonably-priced subscription plans. Here is a full list of things that men can do once they subscribe:

  • Send a short message/video to get things started
  • Use the video chat to see the girls in the real-life
  • Use the “Gift” option and send flowers to the person that they like
  • Finally, the company has professional translators on standby, ready to help out
CherryBlossoms: review, pros and cons, messaging

Dating Rules

CherryBlossoms is, in many ways, similar to all the other dating websites. This is a place where men can find the women of their dreams, and Blossoms is doing a great job of making both sides feel comfortable. The site is intended for the English-speaking men (mostly from the US and Canada). However, thanks to the translators, you’ll be able to communicate with girls that don’t know English.

There are no strict rules on make sure to be polite, friendly, and respectful. Subscribe, choose a girl you like, and set up a meeting to meet her and have a real conversation.

Girls Profiles

As mentioned earlier in this Cherry Blossoms review, the website mainly offers profiles of women from South East Asia. The countries are Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and, of course, the Philippines. You might wonder: what kind of single women register on sites like this one – what are they looking for? Well, just like the men, they are searching for a meaningful relationship with a foreigner.

Once you register, the profiles of all the users will become available to you. The number of women is quite impressive and includes ladies of different ages, origin, religion, social standing, and appearance. Navigation is simple; every single profile comes with short descriptions and at least one photo. Plus, you’ll find info on her age, education, nationality, hobbies, interests, job, languages, and more.  

With 25K visitors per month and a 70% reply rate, your chances of finding a perfect match are very high. We also recommend using the Match feature. With it, you can create a picture of an ideal woman and wait for the website to send you profiles that meet the criteria the most. This feature is a life-savior for men that don’t have enough time to surf through dozens of profiles.

CherryBlossoms: review, girls profiles, pros and cons

Our Verdict

That’s it for our Cherry Blossoms review! We talked about the pros, the cons, the women, and, of course, how the website works. As we already said in the beginning, is one of the best places to look for a serious relationship with an Asian woman. The members will get access to services like personal emails, video calls, and even face-to-face meetings with the girls.

Add immigration assistance, a consistently high level of activity, reliable customer support, and a perfect reputation, and you’ll see why CherryBlossoms is the obvious leader. Your private calls/messages will always stay private, thanks to state-of-the-art security. The interface, in turn, is straightforward and welcoming. Too bad, there are no exclusive mobile apps for the fans of Smartphones and tablets.